5 Tips How To Be A Good Neighbour As A Cat Or A Dog Owner.

There are many ways to know if a cat or dog is a good neighbor good canine, But, are you? are you a good neighbor as a dog or a cat owner?

Here is a list of good behaviours from a dog or a cat owner neighbour:

First: A good neighbor respects municipal laws.
You should respect municipal laws, so you should know if all breeds are welcome in your city or how many dogs or cats per house are allowed, you must know all these things.

We are not fans of these laws as animals lovers, after all, if the pets bother no one, what damage can be done, right? but it does not mean that we shouldn’t respect them and live illegally.

So per example visualize if your neighbor gets a little annoyed with your pets and contact the city. You may be asked to let go of one of your pets, probably not even the “guilty” one. A heartbreaking situation that may be avoided by following the law as you should, and by being a good pet owner neighbor.
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