Rat “Rodent Genus”.

Rats are Different medium-sized, long-tailed rodents.
Type of rats is found during the order Rodentia unless stereotypical rats are found in the genus Rattus.
Other rat genera contain Dipodomys “kangaroo rats”, Bandicota “bandicoot rats” and also Neotoma “pack rats”.

Typically Rats are featured from mice by their size.
Generally, when someone finds out a large muroid rodent, its common name includes the term rat, when if it is smaller, its name contains the term mouse. The joint terms rat and mouse are not taxonomically specific.

In other words, a rat is not a scientific term; if it were, all rats would belong to the genus Rattus.

The renowned rat species are the black rat “Rattus rattus” and also the brown rat “Rattus norvegicus”.
This group, generally known as the Old World rats or true rats, descent in Asia.
Rats are bigger than most Old World mice, which are their Kin, but seldom weigh over 500 grams in the wild.