Your Dog Eats Everything?

Does your dog eat everything and anything?
Don’t be afraid, that’s normal.

Is your dog hungry?
That’s normal, dogs simply like us they also eat things when or because they are hungry! Some dogs constantly act hungry, then why you should not track your dog’s weight to make sure you are not over or under feeding him.

Is your dog like chewing?
That’s also normal, dogs like to chew. even dogs need chewing, particularly puppies. You can’t teach a dog to not chew, but you can teach a dog to not chew your own things. The first thing you should do is to buy him toys or bones that he aloud chews.

Whenever he is grabbing a shoe or some of his own things or things that he should not touch, tell him to drop it and give him his chew bone or toy instead. And also, induce your dog to chew whenever he is feeling bored or stressed. that will help thereafter when he is on his own.

This is what dogs do.
Dogs are scavengers and omnivores. Wild dogs walk around all day attempting to search out one thing to eat, and they pretty much eat anything that could be edible. This is what you will, most probably when he is bored. What can you do about it? You should certify that your dog has one issue in his mind at home: REST. As they say, a tired dog is a happy dog…and happy shoes and a happy owner.

If your dog really enjoys this game of looking around the house and putting everything in his mouth, try this one instead: Leash your dog, supervise him, and tell him to drop it whenever you see the temptation in his eyes. You can reward him if he succeeds. And whenever you can not supervise your dog, put him in his cage or in a room where he cannot cause any trouble.

It has turned into a game
You play a game with your dog if he steals a sock, and you run after him. There you go: you’ve got simply tutored him that stealing your things is that the best thanks to getting you to play with him. Not the intended purpose? Oh well, telling him NO and asking angrily might not even do it, as some dogs like any attention over no attention.

So what should you do?
Don’t give him any attention if he is an attention stealer. and don’t run after him, Instead, supervise him closely to avoid this bad behavior and give him attention when he is acting nice and calm.